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The combination of tradition and innovative winemaking capabilities has made this beautiful Penedès region one of the most dynamic and interesting in Europe. With very suitable soil for winegrowing and a wonderful Mediterranean climate, it has the ideal conditions for obtaining world-renowned cavas, white wines, rosés and reds. Sumarroca currently covers 455 hectares, allowing it to supply wineries with 100% of the grapes they need to make wines and cavas.

  • Other denominations

    Other denominations

    Based on our experience in vineyard management (more than 400 ha. cultivated in Penedés), we have studied and researched different Spanish wine regions.

  • Finca Heretat Sabartés

    Heretat Sabartés Estate

    A large, beautiful 19th-century mansion

  • Finca molí coloma

    Molí Coloma Estate

    This estate includes the winery where all our wines and cavas are produced and aged.

  • Finca Sumarroca

    Sumarroca Estate

    With this estate, Sumarroca became one of the biggest winegrowers and producers in the Penedès region.