Bodegues Sumarroca
Bodegues Sumarroca
Bodegues Sumarroca

Sumarroca philosophy

Thanks to our professionalism and capacity for innovation, we create the best and most surprising wines and cavas.

Sumarroca currently has 464.8 hectares, allowing it to supply the wineries with 100% of the grapes they need to make wines and cavas. Therefore, the winery controls the whole production chain, from growing and harvesting to fermentation, coupage, filtering and bottling. At this stage, the most appropriate criteria for continuously improving quality are applied.

Sumarroca develops research projects to make wines and cavas with great personality and character. At the same time, the closeness to customers, good service and personal treatment of a winery of this size are maintained.

The company’s aim is not focused on large-scale production or competing with larger volume wineries.

Sumarroca works constantly along the lines of better production quality, services and environmental management. In this sense, the winery has ISO 9001:2008 certification, which ensures we have complete quality control. The care taken over environmentally friendly winegrowing and the effort to recover wooded areas on the estates should be highlighted.