Slopes selected from Montsant

Wine made in the D.O. Montsant. When the Sumarroca winery wanted to produce a wine from Montsant they looked for an area where the land was well defined for its wines. We chose the area of Masroig where the land has a slightly higher percentage of clay that gives superior softness and is heavily influenced by the river Ebro, which allows it to better withstand the high temperatures of summer.


The vineyard presents a frank and free-clay composition with high presence of iron oxide which gives it a unique personality. The vineyard is also heavily influenced by the river Ebro, although it is a few kilometres away, reaching almost to the highest part of the depression of the river.


The year 2014 in Masroig was characterized by extremely dry and warm temperatures. However the rain did fall, intensely, which acted as regulator of moisture and allowed the vines, although stressed, to not suffer desiccation. This maintenance of climatic conditions during the growing season has made sufficient vegetative growth and did not allowing the proper maturation. In August temperatures were regular and even lower than the average of recent years to ensure a good maturation.


Cherry colour, medium intensity, with iridescent violet. Aroma fresh, clean and elegant, very fruity, with notes of cherry and raspberry, with a slight aniseed background. The palate is sweet, with lots of fruit and a mature and integrated structure. A silky and fruity finish.


Vinification varieties separately carignan, grenache and syrah. Fermentation at 26ºC for 10 days. Post-fermentation maceration for 7 days. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel and then aged in oak barrels for 6 months. Carignan blend with a base of 35% of Grenache. The blend is completed with 15% syrah.


Alcohol: 13.85% vol.

Residual sugar: 0:23 g / l

Acidity: 3.70 g / l

pH 3.50