Posidonia Rosé D.O Penedès  

Posidonia Rosé D.O Penedès

Mediterranean Chill Out

Wine made from tempranillo variety from the Molí Coloma estate in Subirats. The soil of this vineyard has a large concentration of pebbles, which gives a freshness and unique personality.


The 2016 vintage has the main characteristic and determining fact of being the driest in history with 55% less rainfall than usual. This factor, along with the slightly accumulated drought of the previous year caused the grapevines to react intelligently and naturally adapt to expectations. Thus deciding not to grow the seeds of the grapes to ensure that they ripen impeccably. As for the temperatures, autumn and winter were extremely warm with an average temperature of two degrees higher than normal. The rest of the year, temperatures were slightly above average around 1 ° C and without radically elevated records. In August, the minimum temperatures dropped and helped correct the maturation of the small seeds.


Pale pink with pink hues. Intense and complex aroma with fruity notes of sour apple and sour strawberry combined with floral notes of violet and pink. The palate is elegant, fresh and fruity. Highlights its fruity notes of strawberry, which are held throughout the taste and aftertaste.


Rose wine made traditionally, although the colour intensity is low. Macerating the skins with the must for 6 hours at 10 ° C. The combination of the selection of the vineyard and the immediate thermal control enables this development without the colour intensity being too high and aromas and flavours are extracted high quality. Static racking 24 hours and fermentation at controlled temperature of 16 ° C.


Alcohol: 11.00 % vol.

Residual sugar: 2.8 g / l

Acidity: 3.65 g / l

pH: 3,17

Our products contain sulfites.

Our products do not contain gluten, no dairy, no danger of cross-contamination.