Chardonnay D.O Penedès  

Chardonnay D.O Penedès

Delicious creameness

One of the four classic varietal from Sumarroca, drawn from more than 25 years with the vineyards of the Sumarroca estate.


The varietal Chardonnay comes from the blend of two wines from chardonnay vineyard parcels located on the Sumarroca estate.

The first plot is Mariana, a little over two hectares, planted in the late 80's, located at one end of the property and a very poor land and a little of iron clay concentrate, bringing the complexity to the wine.

The other plot is the wine that made in Esclopé planted in the early 90s, with a ground a little more calcareous providing a fresh and young wine.


The 2016 vintage has the main characteristic and determining fact of being the driest in history with 55% less rainfall than usual. This factor, along with the slightly accumulated drought of the previous year caused the grapevines to react intelligently and naturally adapt to expectations. Thus deciding not to grow the seeds of the grapes to ensure that they ripen impeccably. As for the temperatures, autumn and winter were extremely warm with an average temperature of two degrees higher than normal. The rest of the year, temperatures were slightly above average around 1 ° C and without radically elevated records. In August, the minimum temperatures dropped and helped correct the maturation of the small seeds.


Delicate aroma of sweet fruit such as peaches, apricots and pineapple. The palate entry is smooth and creamy, fruity and very fresh. Good structure and very long and fruity.


The vinification is done separate for each of the two plots as there is a difference in the maturing over five days. Once the grapes get to the winery, the process starts with to a drop in temperature to 10 ° C to prevent oxidation and to perform static racking for 24 hours. After racking it is fermented at 14ºC for 17 days. Rest in stainless steel tanks make the finished wine elaborate prior to bottling.


Alcohol: 12.5% vol.

Residual sugar: <0.5 g / l

Acidity: 3.60 g / l

pH: 3.04

Our products contain sulfites.

Our products do not contain gluten, no dairy, no danger of cross-contamination.