Muscat D.O Penedès  

Muscat D.O Penedès

Mediterranean perfume

Fruity, dry and representative of Sumarroca, which forms a part of the classic range of single varieties of our winery and has been made for more than 25 years with a mixture of vineyards of the Sabartés estate and the Sumarroca estate.


The wine comes from two of our estates. On the one hand, there is the Sumarroca estate (Sant Sadurní d'Anoia), located in the northern most part of the denomination of origin. The land is poor, and chalky with a presence of gravel. The influence of the sea is reduced by the effect of the Garraf mountains, which dries the sea breeze, while the pre-coastal range reduces excess dry wind from the interior. The other part of the blend comes from the Sabartés estate, located south of the denomination and clearly influenced by the sea, with a mild climate and provides more Mediterranean style wines.


The 2016 vintage has the main characteristic and determining fact of being the driest in history with 55% less rainfall than usual. This factor, along with the slightly accumulated drought of the previous year caused the grapevines to react intelligently and naturally adapt to expectations. Thus deciding not to grow the seeds of the grapes to ensure that they ripen impeccably. As for the temperatures, autumn and winter were extremely warm with an average temperature of two degrees higher than normal. The rest of the year, temperatures were slightly above average around 1 ° C and without radically elevated records. In August, the minimum temperatures dropped and helped correct the maturation of the small seeds.


An aromatic combination of white flowers, especially orange blossom, and fleshy fruits like peaches. It comes complete with aromas of grapes. Smooth, structured and long with hints of grape, white fruit and a floral aftertaste.


Macerated at 10 ° C for 4 hours. Soft pressed and static racking for 24 hours. Fermentation at 14 ° C for 21 days. Kept in tanks for at least 1 month and later bottled.


Alcohol: 12.00% vol.

Residual sugar <0.5 g / l

Acidity: 3.65 g / l

pH: 3.05

Our products contain sulphites.

Our products do not contain gluten, no dairy, no danger of cross-contamination.