SAUvignon Blanc

Tropical moments

One of the classic single varieties from Sumarroca, elaborated for over 25 years with a mixture of vineyards from the Sabartés estate and the Sumarroca estate.

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Sauvignon Blanc


Alcohol: 12,00% vol. Our products contain sulphites. Our products do not contain gluten, no dairy, no danger of cross-contamination.

Characteristics of the vineyard

Within the Sumarroca estate, we work in two distinct areas, each adding its own personality to blend. The first plot is La Feixa Llarga, located in the lower part of the estate, with cooler ground that provides a calm and slow maturation and gives refreshing wine notes. It is also the youngest vineyard of the blend, despite being almost 20 years old (1996). The second plot is the Carbonera, with a much more rocky terrain and a high presence of limestone that brings strength and hardiness to the wine. This vineyard was planted in 1992. The part that completes the blend is from the Sabartés estate. This estate is clearly influenced by the Mediterranean and is virtually at sea level. The vine was planted in 1987 and provides a soft, elegance and ‘Mediterreanianness’ which complements the wine to perfection.

Tasting notes

Aromatically, we are presented with tropical notes like passion fruit combined with sweet notes of Mediterranean fruits, such as vine ripened peach and fresh fruits like grapefruit. The mouth is fresh and tasty with the same notes as on the nose. A fresh and aromatic finish.


Vinification done separately in the three plots to deepen the characteristics of each and thus get the best blend. Maceration at 10 ° C, between 4 and 2 hours in two plots with no maceration in the third. Static racking for 24 hours. Fermentation at 14 ° C for 21 days and aging in lees in stainless steel tanks for two months.


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