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Grapes selected from a Syrah vineyard called Garrofer to best express the personality of the Santa Creu section of the Sumarroca estate. The coupage is rounded off with a little Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, also from Santa Creu.

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Alcohol: 13.50% vol.. Our products contain sulfites. Our products do not contain gluten, no dairy, no danger of cross-contamination.

Characteristics of the vineyard

The grapes come from a selected plot in the Santa Creu section of the Sumarroca estate. The total area is 1.1 hectares. The soil in the vineyard has very low levels of organic matter, with high levels of limestone and deep gravel deposits. This mix is ideal for this variety's natural plant strength and gives the wine its unique personality. Pruning work is carried out in carefully planned stages at the vineyard to ensure the balanced development of the Syrah. Intensive green pruning is carried out in spring, firstly to remove shoots and, three weeks later, to remove some leaves so the vine is better ventilated and the grapes are shaded. A final pruning is carried out during veraison to remove branches which are badly positioned above other branches, so the grapes can ripen as closely together as possible throughout the vineyard, on each vine and within each bunch.

Tasting notes

Dark and deep cherry colour with hints of violet. Powerful and elegant aroma with balsamic and spicy notes, and concentrated dark fruit, plums and cherries. Very delicate oak notes. Elegant and meaty on the palate, full of fruity expression with mature tannins and toasted cedar freshened by balsamic notes.


The grapes are collected by hand in 12 kg boxes. As soon as they are brought in, the grapes are cooled rapidly to 12ºC for a light pre-fermentation maceration lasting 48 hours. After starting fermentation, delestage is carried out. Around half of the seeds are removed during the first three days of fermentation to ensure that the tannins in the final wine are correctly balanced. Fermentation at 28ºC. Maceration lasts 17 days. Malolactic fermentation takes place at 20ºC in both barrel and vat. Aged for 12 months in new French oak barrels to ensure the tannins are correctly balanced. Then bottle-aged for at least a year prior to expedition.

Bodegues Sumarroca

Bodegues Sumarroca