October 21 2019
Rally Racc 2019 sponsorship

From October 24 to 27, the RACC Costa Dorada Rally is being held, Sumarroca is the official sponsor bringing the Champions cava! These days, the penultimate round of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship will be played and the chance that one of the prizes will be decided on the last day of the sessions, Sunday will be played.
The theme park of Port Aventura World will be the nerve center of this 15th season and the promenade of Salou will host the start of the Thursday night ceremony. In both locations, you can taste the cava that Sumarroca has provided.

The rally will be played in sections of land and asphalt in which the pilots will meet with frequent surface changes. The spectators will be able to move to towns such as Gandesa, Horta, Querol, Montmell or Riudecanyes in order to be able to witness what happens in the circuit. Some of the pilots or copilots that will be part of the rows of the teams are: Ott Tänak, Sébastien Ogier, Dani Sordo or Nil and Jan Solans.

We enclose the program:

Thursday, October 24
09:00: Shakedown

Friday 25 of October
09:23: TC1 Gandesa 1
10:03: TC2 Horta – Bot 1
11:13: TC3 La Fatarella – Villaiba 1
15:26: TC4 Gandesa 2
16:06: TC5 Horta – Bot 2
17:16: TC6 La Fatarella – Villaiba 1

Saturday 26th of October
09:00: TC7 Savalla 1
09:41: TC8 Querol 1
10:38: TC9 El Montmell 1
14:01: TC10 Savalla 2
14:42: TC11 Querol 2
15:38: TC12 El Montmell 2
5:30 PM: TC13 – Salou

Sunday, October 27
07:41: TC14 Ruidecanyes 1
08:38: TC15 La Mussara 1
10:54: TC16 Ruidecanyes 2
12:18 TC17 La Mussara 2

The Rally and Sustainability

“This year the organization of the Rally in collaboration with Lavola I Clean CO2 will compensate for the emissions that can not be avoided, turning the Rally into a NEUTRAL EVENT IN EMISSIONS.” as they indicate on their website. In addition, the organization will continue to work to minimize the indirect emissions generated by the public and the teams, as they represent most of the impact of the Rally.

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