November 08 2023
2CV wins the award in sustainability in the V-LABEL AWARDS 2023

On November 1, International Day of Veganism, a leading international entity to certify vegan and vegetarian products worldwide, V-Label, went to present the winners of the V-LABEL Awards. Inside Sustainability category, the 2CV wine from Bodegas Sumarroca has been the winner V-LABEL Awards. The Sustainability category recognizes sustainable initiatives that go further to minimize their environmental footprint and promote sustainable practices.

V-Label is the leading vegan and vegetarian brand in the world, with more than 50,000 certified products worldwide. V-Label undertakes to help consumers make informed and conscious decisions, as well as to support brands that drive the vegan and vegetarian movement in their products.

“Because the plant products market is experiencing rapid growth, it is more important than ever to recognize companies that are exceeding the limits of innovation and sustainability in this space, creating a positive impact that inspires others to follow their example.”
The V-Label international awards have been a key player in the recognition of excellence in the plant sector. The objective is to highlight companies that are making a difference in the vegan and vegetarian industry, as well as to promote innovation and creativity in the sector, celebrating the positive impact that is generated in the vegetable products industry.

2CV represents the present and future values of Sumarroca.
The orange wine of Bodegas Sumarroca 2CV follows the present and future values of the brand. Winner in the category of sustainability, it is a wine made with local grapes, Xarel·lo, without SO2 added with spontaneous fermentation. An organic wine with the Biosphere Committed Entity and SMETA seal, among others. Some of the features presented in the sustainability category have been: Bottle with 216 g less than the weight of a standard, with more room in its palletization to reduce CO2 levels of transport. No paper labelling, with direct screen printing in the bottle. The boxes and the seal are made of recycled cardboard with a sustainable FSC certificate. The film packaging of the pallets is 100% recyclable. Printing of promotional material on recycled paper and merchandising design in materials that respect the environment. In addition, minimal intervention in the vineyards, without endangering the conservation of the forest mass, also preserving the soil.

2CV wine, organic and ecological
“2 CV” is the purest and most sincere expression of the micro-zone of Santa Creu de Creixà, a unique land of clayey and limestone soils worked under the principles of organic farming. Orange colour from the red skin of the variety. The nose is intense and refreshing, with notes of stone fruit and apple. It has a certain robustness and aromatic rusticity characteristic of the red Xarel·lo variety. The palate is broad and fruity and leaves a long and refreshing final feeling. Within the 2CV range, we also find the 2CV EXTREM wine and the 2CV Inalterat Cava. The three products
have as their axis the minimum intervention in the natural processes of both the evolution of wine and Cava and the life of the vineyard.

You can find out about 2CV products in:

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Bodegues Sumarroca

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