October 05 2020
We are part of AFLOTE

Let’s start with the phrase of Jorge Wagensberg who introduces the AFLOTE project: To save the planet we need to invent a new ideology: collective generosity.

This September we have joined the AFLOTE initiative, a project that was born to help social integration and reduce environmental impact.

The action consists of recycling the corks of wine and cava to give them a second use by creating products for the restaurant sector. This transformation is being carried out by Homeless Entrepreneur users, homeless people who are actively looking for work.

Mostly, the cork waste we generate in Sumarroca comes from the production process itself and from technical and wine tourism tastings. In addition, from the winery, we have called on our workers to store the corks of wines and cavas for self-consumption to add them to the harvest and increase the final volume.

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