The “Bancals Miquelet” vineyard The Bancals Miquelet vineyard is in the Marquès area in the lower part of the Sumarroca estate. It is one of the coolest parts of the estate and, this, together with the late budding characteristics of the Macabeu grape, makes ripening later than usual. The site is chalky and poor in organic matter.

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Xarel.lo & Macabeo


Alcohol: 12,50% vol Residual sugar (dosage): - Acidity (tartaric acid): 5,00 g/l pH: 3,20 Don’t contain: gluten, dairy products and there is no danger of cross-contamination Contains: sulfites

Characteristics of the vineyard

The “Gallego” vineyard The Gallego vineyard is in the middle of the Sumarroca estate. It is in an area where clays become a little more dominant, offering denser, more rounded wines. These clays are combined with chalky topsoil containing little organic matter.

Tasting notes

A medium-intensity, straw yellow wine. In the nose, the initial notes are of Mediterranean herbs, such as fennel, and herb tea, like camomile. As it develops in the glass, touches of white fruit begin to emerge, enveloped in notes of bread and raw almonds from the ageing. In the mouth, the attack is quite creamy which, together with the fine structure, fill the mouth with notes of fruit and aromatic herbs. The balance between the acidity and the structure makes it possible to maintain these fresh, fruity notes into the final aftertaste.


Autumn with normal temperatures. Extremely mild winter. Spring continues with warmer temperatures than usual. No heatwave, which lately happened quite often. It is a year with exceptional rainfall, in total 807 l / m², although the summer months are also talking about extreme drought. The vegetative cycle was advanced extremely due to very high winter temperatures. The sprouting in early varieties came on the last day of February; it was never seen. The remaining varieties were also advanced during 2-3 weeks. Rainfall, along with high humidity, high temperatures and advanced growth for dates, made the appearance of mildew important. These fongus reduced production. This made the remaining grape maturation faster. Even more so, the extreme summer drought that caused some early varieties to start wilting and the crop to be advanced. With these conditions, the quality of the wines of the 2020 vintage is being good, with more fruity wines, with an average intensity

Bodegues Sumarroca

Bodegues Sumarroca