When the cold subsides and the earth’s temperature begins to rise, the vineyard comes to life. It is the moment in which the sap begins to flow inside the vine until it sprouts like tears from the cuts that have been made during pruning. “The cry of the vine” is what this magical phenomenon is called, which reminds us of the cry of a neonate, a cry that takes in the air for the first time to start a new life cycle. A cry loaded with illusions that have just been born. Martina, the first great-granddaughter of Nuria Claverol and Carles Sumarroca, founder of Bodegas Sumarroca, gives this Pure Rosé its name. A tribute to the beginning of a new stage, a new generation and a new life



Tempranillo Grenache


Alcohol: 11,00% Dosage: - Acidity: 4,90 g/l pH: 3,10 Does NOT contain: gluten or milk derivatives, nor is there a danger of cross-contamination Contains: sulfities

Characteristics of the vineyard

Tasting notes

It has a beautiful pale pink colour with golden reflections. It is a wine with good aromatic intensity, with a first impression marked by delicate notes of wild strawberries, lychee and pear, followed by citrus and refreshing notes. Smoked and menthol touches also appear at the end. On the palate, it presents itself as a sweet and delicate wine. With a friendly and silky attack, it is elegant, fruity and fresh. And at the same time, it presents a good balance between structure and sobriety


Bodegues Sumarroca

Bodegues Sumarroca