February 19 2020
Antoni Venteo: “Personal relationships move in a very different way when people leave the work environment”

Scame Material Eléctrico manufacturer of components and systems for electrical installations in the industrial, tertiary and domestic sectors visited us to carry out a leisure activity for its employees: Make your wine. Antoni Venteo, company manager, made an assessment of the afternoon they spent in the winery.

Why do you usually do activities outside of your regular workspace?

Mainly to improve the personal relationships between the different collaborators. Personal relationships move on a very different plane when people leave the work environment. Hierarchy constraints largely disappear and the group becomes much more homogeneous. Communication between people is encouraged and strengthened in a more relaxed manner, which has a beneficial effect on labor relations.

Why do you think in a winery for fun activities?

Although a winery is still a company like the others, the result of the operation is a product with great playful connotations, where we all have an opinion and enjoy it. In addition, the bond of the product with the earth and the environment gives the activity an added incentive. Our collaborators come from different parts of Spain and Italy, where reputable wineries are located, and we wanted to show them the quality product that is made in our country.

What was your perception before the activity of “Create your own wine”?

We thought the activity would be a bit more ‘oenological’, where we would appreciate the nuances most of us don’t know. In fact, we thought it would be more formal.

And after?

The experience was totally positive, with a lot more emphasis on each person’s particular taste over technical criteria. An enjoyable activity where we all participated equally.

Any comments or conclusions you might add?

I would like to add that a key element in making the activity enjoyable, enjoyable and enjoyable was the guidance of Mercè Sumarroca, who introduced us to the reality of wines from vines to the glass.

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