January 19 2021
From Classic to Nostrat

From now on, Sumarroca White, Rosé and Red Classic becomes Nostrat.

With this change. we want to explain our connection with the territory and we have made a design that includes a representation of some species of flora and fauna of the Sumarroca Estate. The flowers of the territory show us the characteristics of the soil and the climate; and wildlife becomes a necessary element in our ecosystem. For example, bees are pollinating insects that guarantee the fertilization of the vine; ladybugs feed on aphids and birds look for clean nesting environments.

With this small tribute, we want you to taste the # Penedès, witness a landscape and enjoy a good toast in a small committee.

** NOTE: due to the serious impact of the mildew fungus on the vineyard, this year, the 2020 NOSTRAT vintage will not be ecological. Likewise, our vineyards continue to be treated with the ecological requirements of the CCPAE and the principles of sustainability so integrated in Sumarroca.

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Bodegues Sumarroca

Bodegues Sumarroca