Sumarroca Il·lògic Macabeu

The personality of this traditional variety

As a result of the winery's commitment to the land and its commitment to demonstrate the strength and personality of the traditional Penedès varieties, the winery, located in the heart of the DO, has wanted to add a new travel companion to Il·lògic Xarel·lo. The collection includes two wines with obviously different organoleptic characteristics, which at the same time, complement each other, they are a perfect ying-yang that allows us to know the character of the area





Alcohol: 12.50% vol. Our products contain sulfites Our products do not contain gluten, no dairy, no there is no danger of cross-contamination

Characteristics of the vineyard

The Camp Gran vineyard is located in the upper-middle part of the Sumarroca estate, has a southern exposure, is well ventilated and close to the Santa Creu ravine. The plantation is a double royat trellis oriented North-South, to optimize the arrangement of the plants. On the other hand, the soil is very calcareous, with little organic matter and very well drained. This, together with good natural ventilation, makes the plot oxygenated and less prone to disease.

Tasting notes

Pale yellow wine with silver nuances. Aromatically, intense notes of ercolina pear (grain) and hints of citrus predomination. The aroma is fruity and has an undertone of fennel. Fruit is clearly perceived in the mouth, it is sweet and has good acidity. Aromatic herbs and licorice root appear in the aftertaste. It is long, round and, at the same time, fresh and playful.


Bodegues Sumarroca

Bodegues Sumarroca