2CV Inalterat

Sparkling organic wine without So2

At the beginning of the 20th century, when after the Phylloxera the Marquis of Monistrol required more labour to work in his winery, many immigrants from various corners of Catalonia and Spain arrived to Monistrol d’Anoia seduced by an opportunity job of work in exchange for being sharecroppers in a vineyard, owning a house and having two horses to take care of the land that currently makes up Finca Sumarroca. As most easants of the time had difficulties reading and writing, the contract they signed contained little text and only said one sentence in very large letters: two horses, a house and a vineyard. Within the framework of the diversity of our cavas, we have wanted to deepen the elaborations of minimal intervention, under the 2CV range, eliminating the addition of sulphites, to express the fruitiness of the cava to the maximum.

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Alcohol: 12,00% Dosage: without dosage Acidity: 5,85 g/l (tartaric acid) pH: 3,09 Does NOT contain: Gluten, milk derivates. There is no danger of cross-contamination.

Characteristics of the vineyard

Vineyard characteristics Name of the vineyard/estate: Fina Sumarroca Soil composition: Calcareous, gravel & poor in organic matter Driving: Royat Altitude: 150-300 m Exposure: south, southest Production/ha: 8000-9000 kg/ha

Tasting notes

Tasting note Clean and bright yellow cava with golden reflections. It presents a good intensity of aromas of ripe white fruit (Golden apple) and pastry notes reminiscent of angel hair and ensaimadas. It is a fresh and fruity cava where the carbon dioxide appears discreetly, enhancing the freshness and liveliness of the cava


Bodegues Sumarroca

Bodegues Sumarroca