January 16 2020
We remove the plastic water bottles

With the continuous improvements in sustainability, in Sumarroca we have eliminated the plastic water bottles. We are a company that cares about the environment and the well-being of our workers, which is why we have significantly reduced plastic waste and installed dispensers and supplied glass and aluminum bottles.

In addition, with this measure, we have abolished the transport of water from one end of the country to the other, which had a negative impact on the ecosystem due to the contamination of trucks.

The installation of this new filtration system ensures pure water with a weak mineralization that complies with the recommendations established by WHO. This process removes lime from the water and, of course, does not require the use of chemicals.

Besides, with the reduction of the plastic, save more than 2,000L of oil that was required for the production of PET containers, eliminate more than 2000kgs of CO2 reduction in the environment, reduce 300L of diesel used transport and about € 5,000 savings on the cost of removing plastics.

Drinking water with a high quality profile brings benefits to Sumarroca workers: healthy skin, elimination of toxins from the body, good bone health, blood stabilization, increased fatigue resistance, productivity and maintain concentration, among others.

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