December 13 2022
GOLD MEDAL 2022 for white Marger “Vi de Mas” 2021 by Sumarroca

Subirats, December 12, 2022 – In the 12th edition of the New Wine Competition at the Verema Valencia headquarters, the white wine with Marger 2021 Crianza of Sumarroca has been recognized with a Gold Medal. NewWine is an international competition with the objective of making known the trends in the current market, valuing the quality and the novelties in its elaboration, breeding, varieties, among other attributes.

This competition stands out for being one of the few wine competitions held in Spain that recognizes the best wines with novelties and significant changes, as well as new additions, special reeditions, new releases, limited editions or new categories obtained.
In this edition, the jury has been formed by 10 tasters, members of the 6 Wine Tasting Panels and experts in the wine sector such as winemakers, journalists and sensors specialists. where in an impartial manner and through a system of double blind tasting they analyzed and evaluated the different samples registered.

The wines that have won the Gold Medal Award will be present at the next Vendimia Valencia 2023 experience that will be held in the city of Valencia during the month of February 2023. This recognition is the result of the work that the whole team of Sumarroca dedicates to the elaboration of great wines on three pillars: Respect for the environment and sustainability, tradition and the indigenous varieties.

MARGER, “Vi de Mas” 2021
Obtained during 2022 the wine category “Vi de Mas” the Do Penedès.

Varieties: Xarelo, Macabeo.
Composition Soil: Calcareous, gravel and poor organic matter.
Breeding: 5 months in total, with batonnage 3 times/week to 1r month and 1 time/week to the second month.

Tasting note
Straw yellow wine of medium intensity. Notes of Mediterranean herbs, such as fennel, and infusion herbs, such as chamomile appear at the beginning of the nose. In the evolution in the cup, notes of white fruit begin to emerge surrounded by notes of bread and raw almonds from the breeding. The mouth entrance offers a very good creaminess that, together with the good structure, fill the mouth with fruity notes and aromatic herbs.
The balance between the acidity and the structure allows to keep these notes fresh and fruity in the final post taste.

The wine can be purchased at:


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