March 05 2021
Sumarroca launches a new monovarietal macabeo wine

100% Macabeo wine is added to the Il·lògic xarel·lo collection.

Bodegues Sumarroca has created a new Il·lògic made entirely with a meticulous selection of the macabeo from the “Camp Gran” vineyard. Grapes are also extracted from this estate to make the Sumarroca Gran Reserva Brut Nature, which has won prizes in various international competitions.

The Il·lògic Macabeo allows, in each sip, to evoke the nuance of the territory and to perceive the ecosystem of Sumarroca, the climatic influence of the mountain of Montserrat and the Mediterranean character.

As a result of the winery’s commitment to the land and to demonstrate the strength and character of the traditional varieties of the Penedès, the winery, located in the heart of the denomination, has wanted to add a new travel companion to the Il·lògic xarel·lo. So the collection includes two wines with obviously different organoleptic characteristics but which at the same time complement each other, are a perfect ying-yang that allows you to know the Penedès character.


The Camp Gran vineyard is located in the middle-upper part of the Sumarroca estate, has a southern exposure, is well ventilated and next to the Santa Creu ravine. The plantation is in double-rooted vines oriented North-South to optimize the arrangement of the plants. On the other hand, the soil is very calcareous, with little organic matter and very well drained. This fact, together with good natural ventilation, makes the plot oxygenated and less prone to disease.


Pale yellow wine with silvery nuances. Aromatically, the intense notes of herculean pear (granite) and hints of citrus predominate. The aroma is fruity and has a fennel background. In the mouth the fruit is clearly perceived, is sweet and has a good acidity. Aromatic herbs and licorice root appear in the aftertaste. It is long, round and, at the same time, fresh and playful.



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Bodegues Sumarroca

Bodegues Sumarroca