January 16 2020

We remove the plastic water bottles

With the continuous improvements in sustainability, in Sumarroca we have eliminated the plastic water bottles. We are a company that cares about the environment and the well-being of our workers, which is why we have significantly reduced plastic waste and installed dispensers and supplied glass and aluminum bottles. In addition, with this measure, we have […]

January 10 2020

The aromas of the wine

The aromas of the wine can be divided into three and this is determined according to the methods of elaboration. This will mean that each wine or champagne has some nuances that provide the character of the product. The aromas are acquired both through smell and through the mouth and it is, in this way […]

October 21 2019

Rally Racc 2019 sponsorship

From October 24 to 27, the RACC Costa Dorada Rally is being held, Sumarroca is the official sponsor bringing the Champions cava! These days, the penultimate round of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship will be played and the chance that one of the prizes will be decided on the last day of the sessions, Sunday […]

July 31 2019

Celebrate the harvest in Sumarroca

On Friday August 23th, an unforgettable night in Sumarroca awaits you, we will make the harvest, we will step on grapes and enjoy live music with surprise. We will start the evening at 9 pm with a welcome drink on the spectacular terrace of the winery. We will visit the facilities, which will be in […]

May 21 2019

The magic of Montserrat

Sumarroca is the landscape that surrounds it. If you walk through Molí Coloma it is logical to find the vines, but you can also find the Anoia river and on a clear day, see the Montserrat mountains. Montserrat is a place of pilgrimage par excellence of the Catalans but every day hundreds of tourists from […]

April 16 2019

Cava & Wine Bar

In Sumarroca you can have a glass of cava or wine while you are enjoying the views! We have good weather and we open our terrace to eat something before having lunch in the middle of Penedès. We are only 10 minutes from Sant Sadurni! From 12 to 14h

March 28 2019

Special tour with your couple

In Sumarroca we have prepared a LOVE TOUR to enjoy a romantic day with your couple in our vinery and share the passion for the wine and the person you love in the middle of the vineyards. The tour is for 2 people and take a meal between vines. Further on, we will expand the information […]

February 18 2019

Sustainability, a way of working

Over the last 50 years it has been estimated that there has been an increase in temperature of 1ºC and the studies confirm that if measures are not taken, this increase can be from 3 to 5ºC in 2100. This increase is the result of The impact of greenhouse gases such as CO2, target, nitrogen […]

January 21 2019

Calçotada, visit & tasting at Sumarroca

If you want to disconnect, at Sumarroca we offer you an ideal and very complete activity in the heart of the Penedès. The activity consists of: Welcome drink Visit to the winery and a walk to the vineyards Tasting of Sumarroca products Calçotada, which includes: Calçots, grilled meat with accompaniment, bread with tomato and desserts, […]

January 17 2019

Temps de Flors 2018

One of Sumarroca’s emblematic wines goes on the market with a renewed image. This vintage 2018, the Temps de Flors has an updated design that, additionally, equals the one of his brother Temps de Fruits, which has also been slightly adapted to match the image of his dance partner. The design renewal has been commissioned […]


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